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Jio Quiz Answers FREE 1 Gb Data Voucher (Tala Salt IQL)

Hello, Our Looters Members here is another quiz from Iio it’s like Amazon Quiz but here jio rewarded users daily 1 Gb if they gave all correct answers on Jio Tata IQL Quiz.

Jio also started quiz to engage they users. On My Jio app you can see new section called ‘Jio Engage’ Where you can play different quiz and win related prices.

The most popular quiz is Jio Tata IQL quiz because of they gave daily 1 Gb free data once user can gave all correct Answer.

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We post all correct answers so you can get daily 1 Gb free data.

How to Play Jio Tata IQL Quiz?

Below is complete steps to complete your Jio Tata IQL Quiz and win 1 Gb Data Voucher.

Jio Tata IQL Quiz - How to Complete?
Jio Tata IQL Quiz – How to Complete?
  1. Download or Update MyJio App.
  2. Open and Go to ‘Jio Engage’ Tab by Scroll Down.
  3. Now Tap on Jio Tata IQL Quiz Banner.
  4. Choose your preferred language and Take Quiz.
  5. We Posted All Correct Answers Below.

Quiz Details :

Hosted By :Jio & Tata Slat
Available On :MyJio App
Based On : Fun Facts
Quiz Period :1st May to 14 May 2020
Quiz Time :Daily 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM
Price :Free 1 Gb data & Free Annual Subscription of byju’s
Jio Tata IQL Quiz Contest Details

Jio Tata IQL Quiz Answers 11th May 2020

Question 1: The president of India has two holiday homes. One of them is in Shimla, where is the other holiday home?

Answer : Hyderabad 

Question 2: In 1980, who became the first Indian to win the All England Open Badminton Championship?

Answer : Prakash Padukone

Question 3: In 1872, under which British General was the first census of India conducted?

Answer : Lord Mayo

Question 4: Which year is known as the ‘year of the great divide’ in the demographic history of India?

Answer : 1921

Question 5: Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha compete for the Raghuramaiah cup. Which sport do the teams play?

Answer : Cricket

Question 6: Omkara, Maqbool, and Haider are Bollywood movies based on works of which playwright?

Answer : William Shakespeare

Question 7: Who is the only Indian to win the Abel Prize in mathematics?

Answer : Shrinivas Vardan

Question 8: Akhtari Bai Faizabadi is a legendary Gazal artist. Which name do we better know her by?

Answer : Beghum Akhtar

Question 9: Akhtar Bai Faizabadi is a famous Ghazal artist. By what name do we know him better?

Answer : Begum Akhtar

Question 10: Who among the following became the first minister of Education in Independent India?

Answer : Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

Jio Tata IQL Quiz Answers 10th May 2020

Q1. Which renowned industrialist, known by his eponymous company was a close confidante of MK Gandhi, calling him his 5th son?

Answer is: Jamanlal Bajaj

Q2. Known as the Lake City, where would you find the iconic Pichola Lake in India?

Answer is: Udaipur

Q3. Born in 1823 and credited with opening the 2nd textile mill in India, he was the first Indian to be appointed the President of Ahmadabad Municipality in 1885. Who is this, known as architect of modern Ahmadabad?

Answer is: Ranchhodlal Chhotala

Q4. First manufactured in 1954, and modeled after the Morris Oxford, this legendary car stopped production in 2014. What car?

Answer is: Ambassador

Q5. Which Indian spinner has the nickname as ‘The Turbanator’?

Answer is: Harbhajan Singh

Q6. Which traditional Indian game, similar to hopscotch, is played on a single foot?

Answer is: Langdi

Q7. Which Indian musical instrument consists of a set of eighteen porcelain cups of varying sizes?

Answer is: Jaltarangam

Q8. Which musical instrument was played by Lord Ganesha and Nandi to accompany Lord Shiva’s Tandava?

Answer is: Mirdangam

Q9. Palden Thomgyul Namdyal was the last king of which of the following places?

Answer is: Sikkim

Q10. How many members represent the State of Mizoram in the Upper House of the parliament of India?

Answer is: 1

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