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YouGov Easy Ways to Earn Free Paytm Cash Instant

YouGov Surveys : Earn ₹3,600 Paytm Cash Instant

YouGov is Online Survey site and you can earn ₹3,600 Instant Paytm Cash by completing small surveys.

In this guide you gather knowlage about Earn Free Paytm Cash online website/Paytm Cash Giving Websites.

Also we included proof of how I Made ₹5,000+ Free Paytm Cash Instant by filling small surveys.

What Is YouGov Surveys?

YouGov is Online Public Opinion and Market Research site. This Surveys Sites Work is Invite Selected Group of Peoples to Take Surveys and Give your Views.

This Data which users fill in surveys are use in Market Reasearch.

After they collect enough data they check which demographic are best to sell her products/service.

You Get Rewarded By YouGov to fill this Serveys. Mostly Users Can Receive points by filling successful survey.

How To Earn Free Paytm Cash By Surveys?

This is One of Many Methods to give you Instant Free Paytm Cash. I personally take many surveys to earn free paytm cash daily.

YouGov give points after completing successful survey.

To Earn ₹3,600 Paytm Cash you must take 5-10 surveys.

Once you reached 5000 points on YouGov Website you can redeem your points on your paytm wallet.

I will give you complete process in this article so continue reading.

How to Sign Up on And Take Surveys On YouGov?

Follow this instructions if you miss any steps you loose your Free Paytm Cash. Also we include withdrawal process to get all cash on your paytm wallet.

Step 1: First of all go to YouGov website and Start your registration process. Click Below Button to start.

Step 2: Fill up your email address and password and click on sign up with email.

YouGov Survey SignUp

Step 3: Confirm your e-mail address and log in with your email and password.

YouGov E-Mail Confirmation

Step 4: After Completing registration process you see dashboard like this. On Upper Right corner you see button to take surveys.

YouGov Survay Dashboard

Step 5: Take Minimum 6-10 Surveys to get enough points once you reached 5000 points you are able to withdraw your paytm cash.

Step 6: In the Starting surveys you can receive 50-100 points. Once you reached 5 surveys you can automatically receive high paying surveys which pay you 500-1000 points.

How To Withdraw Paytm Cash from YouGov?

Most of our users don’t know how we can withdraw free paytm cash from YouGov.

So That we are bring a methods to get your paytm cash instant to your wallet.

Follow below instructions to get complete benifits.

Step 1: Log in to your YouGov Dashboard.

Step 2: Go to Menu>>Rewards which can see like this.

YouGov Paytm Cash Withdrawal Process

Step 3: If you reached 5000 points tap on Redeem Points. Next Step Fill your paytm mobile number and withdraw your points.

You cab Receive 100 points as welcome bonus. you can see on last screenshot.

YouGov Refer & Earn 200 Points Each Refer

Now it’s time to move fast go to your dashboard on YouGov Survey site and go to my account and get your referral link.

YouGov Refer and Earn Method

Get your Referral link and share it with your friends.

Once your friends join YouGov using your referral link and complete minimum of 6 surveys you get 200 points on your account.

Wow!! its freaking Amazing share it with your friends as much as possible and both get unlimited paytm cash by only completing small surveys.

YouGov Withdrawal Proof

As we promise i earn free paytm cash daily on this free paytm cash giving websites.

Here is the proof last month i received paytm cash from YouGov.

YouGov Withdrawal Proof

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